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The media file section contains videos of various activities that students are participating in during class. In order to view the media files, click on the image of the video located just to the right of the description. If you have any questions regarding images on the site, send me an email. The symbols for Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Media Player are trademarks of those prospective companies and are displayed just to illustrate options for viewing.

Classroom Photographs

The photographs that have been posted below are present in order to give you an idea of the types of activities my students are working on during each class period. Pictures may be posted from throughout the school year so some images may include students who are no longer present in my class. To see larger versions of each image, click on the thumbnails below. Images with and are movie files.

Bridge Construction / Research Activity



During the Construction Unit of the 7th Grade technology course, students will have to build a random bridge type out of K'nex as a visual aid for their presentation.


Once students have finished the construction of their bridges, they will need to research their bridge type and develop a presentation using Microsoft Power Point.


Graphic Design - Mouse Pad Activity


The last part of the mouse pad design involves using the designs the students have come up with and using a thermal press to melt them on to the mouse pad blanks.


Before the students can press their mouse pad designs onto the mouse pad blanks, they must first cut their printouts to size so they will fit with as little extra material as possible.


The first project that students will work on in their Technology 7 course is the Mouse Pad Design activity. The first step requires them to find images on the internet.


Once students have finished creating their designs in Microsoft Publisher, they will need to reverse the images and print them out.